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ModularWalls & Noise Walls


ModularWalls offers a comprehensive range of boundary wall and fencing solutions. No matter what your landscaping needs are, ModularWalls is bound to have a solution for you. As a Trade Partner* of ModularWalls, TFR Construction is proud to offer installation services for the full suite of ModularWalls product offerings.


For property owners looking for a fencing solution that is both cost-effective and of superior build quality, look no further than SlimWall. SlimWall is one of the trendiest modular wall options currently available on the market. SlimWall boasts a modernistic design that will prevent your property from looking dated. In addition, the proprietary technology that ModularWalls uses also makes SlimWall ideal for soundproofing and integration with retaining, lighting, infills, slats and more.

SlimWall is ideal for dividing fences, boundary fences, acoustic fences, DIY fences, and front fences.


For property owners in need of a more robust fencing solution, TrendWall is the way to go. TrendWall is designed to be a premium-grade modular fence with a unique visual appeal unmatched by any other fencing solution on the market. TrendWall is the industry-leading fencing solution and comes with better soundproofing and weatherproofing abilities.

TrendWall is best used for privacy fences and visual screens, tall fences (up to 3.0mm high), acoustic barriers, fencing with integrated retaining, and coastal or poolside applications.




If you’re in the market for an alternative to traditional brick and stone boundary walls, VogueWall is the solution for you. VogueWall is a modular boundary wall that is highly adaptable and works well for almost any application. Visually indistinguishable from traditional masonry walls, VogueWall will make your property look its best. Its ease of installation and flexibility of use make it the ideal solution for all of your fencing and boundary wall needs.

VogueWall is ideal for use in boundary walls, tall front walls, feature walls, noise walls, and other masonry-alternate solutions.


Last but not least, EstateWall is the grandest of ModularWalls’ product offerings for any property owner who wants to make a mark on their neighbourhood. EstateWall is a top-of-the-line modular boundary wall solution that serves as an alternative to traditional masonry walls. With EstateWall, your property is guaranteed to stand out in an elegant and stunning fashion.

EstateWall is best for property owners in need of front walls, entrance walls, premium boundary walls, feature walls, and security perimeters.

*A ModularWalls Trade Partner is defined as a separate entity/business to ModularWalls who operate under their own brand, ABN and business name and has agreed to acquire ModularWalls products and services in exchange for the benefits highlighted in ‘Trade Partner Agreement’ outlined by Modular Innovations Pty Ltd. Partners are not connected with ModularWalls as a business in ways of employment, contracting or ownership.